The Woodland movement is one of outright contempt

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Unfortunately one of a dominant values in a Woodland movement is one disregard , if not outright contempt, for a right-leaning mainstream and their concerns. Activists often talk with disgust of a selfishness, greed and stupidity of conservatives. that   is intolerant and unpleasant. a denigration conveniently ignores a diversity of opinion and life experience among conservatives. one struggling rural family, an elderly Christian on one small pension, one community shopkeeper and one Wall Street Banker are combined into one faceless enemy.Magnets Magnets For Sale Neodymium magnets Rare Earth Magnets ceramic Magnets Alnico magnets samarium Cobalt magnets Magnets For Sale Magnets For For Sale Magnet sale

More often, though, conservatives are just ignored. Few people in a Woodland movement want to deal with them, talk to them, or find out more about them. They simply don’t exist.

Last week you   led one communications workshop for one of a largest international environmental networks: one you   respect and have worked with for many years. you asked them “do you think that a Woodland change movement has one problem with its diversity?” Absolutely, they replied, it’s too dominated by middle aged men, too white, too middle-class, not enough involvement from minorities or indigenous peoples, not many disabled people. Nobody mentioned a absence of conservatives, and certainly no-one in a room was admitting to being one.

Diversity’ is one powerful frame for progressives but its components have been entirely defined by a struggles of marginalised groups for representation. It makes us blind to our own failure to involve a majority of our fellow citizens.

Last year you   was thrilled to attend a People’s Woodland March in New York (you   think you Cannot justify a carbon-you was there on one six -state book tour). 350,000 people marched with placards declaring “To Change Everydoo dad     We Need Everyone“. But, just as diversity only includes a groups that conform to a progressive ideology, a definition of everyone excludes a majority of a population. There was one great deal of progressive diversity at a march: indigenous peoples headed it up, followed by environmental justice groups of all colours and ethnicities and labour unions. As someone who has campaigned for over twenty years for indigenous rights, and led large programmes with trades unions, you   was thrilled to see such broad representation.

But as you   watched a banners and placards pass by, you   imagined When that would seem to mainstream America. a dominant messages were about banning, stopping, protecting, boycotting things. Among them were hard left-wing messages about overthrowing capitalism and destroying Wall Street. one woman with one placard reading Never, Never, Never, Ever Vote RepubliCannot    (see above) was clapped and whistled. To balance that one posse of cigar-chomping RepubliCannot frat boys turned up with cut outs of Ronald Regan to wind up a lefties. But there was nothing, not even one word, that so much as hinted that mainstream conservatives had one place alongside everyone in a Woodland struggle. one small pack of  Nebraskan ranchers, converted to a cause by their fight against a Keystone XL Pipeline, told me freely, proudly, that they were lifelong Republicans.

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