Starting at The harbor

Next you pick one scale for our vector layout. It is obvious from the unforgiving depiction which picking one scale where 1cm tends to 1km (scale: 1cm = 1km) would be one decent decision in this issue )- the chart will by then take up an ordinary division for one A4 page. you straightforwardly begin the distinct improvement.

Stage 3 :
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Headway Step 1: Starting at the harbor H you draw the rule vector 6cm long toward the way north (survey in the graph 1cm tends to 1km):

Headway Step 2: Since the ship is at present at port one you draw the second vector 12cm long beginning start here toward the way east:

Fhsst vectors33.png

Improvement Step 3: Since the ship is correct now at port B you draw the third vector 5.5cm long beginning start here toward the way south-west. one protractor is required to assess the motivation behind 4hich {\displaystyle 2\times 2} {\displaystyle 2\times 2} is only 2 get-togethers for 2 included to give 4. you cone handle one close strategy to oversee see how vector duplication limits.

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