Good Points Enough To Supplement Them!

I thought that the contents are pure white gel cream and it seems to be sticky with a thick cream … but when painted it spreads easily with a light texture and spreading is good !rare earth magnets
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Is odor hard? And it was a bit uneasy, but the fragrance is weak as I can not tell if I can not bring my nose close enough to stick.
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Because it contains fruit oil and flower extracts, it is a gentle fragrance that makes you feel nature that does not feel medicinal !

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Although it seems that there is no fixed time to pack (sleeping time), it square neodymium magnets
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magnetic wall hooksseems that it is recommended to have adequate sleeping for 6 to 8 hours.
So, the next day I gently wash the foam and see the skin condition, the moist condition is amazing (^ ^ *)
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I tried pushing with a finger and a beautiful angel circle was made!

I will not go with baby skin, but also feel good with the texture.

However, it is truly worrisome about the pores of the nose in the first time …

These “sleeping packs” seem to make pores unnoticeable over weeks and months, so it’s better to continue patiently.
good points enough to supplement them!

By the way, I can not use it without trouble, such as the skin swelling in a reddish or itching and itching will not come out ♪

The first time I used it is quite good, so I think I will keep on long!
Where I liked care nano packs · Worrisome place!
I will write about what I felt after trying Care Nanopack for about 2 weeks!

After all it was not only a good place but a part I was curious about .

【Where I was concerned】

■ Because it is one month with one, so COSPA … the
price is pretty expensive, and as it is, it is one month with one, so COSPA is not that good.
Just because you can not really feel it when you stick to the amount to paint? I am anxious (^ ^;)

Since I can not touch the face for tens of minutes after
painting, it will be dry as long as several tens of minutes after painting, but since I will not touch it during the painting, I wonder if I am unconsciously touching while sleeping I am a little worried.

■ The worst when you get up late! What?
Since I have to wash my face in the morning, if I get late in the morning, I will have to use the washbasin that I will go to the worst (^ ^;)

But, there were good points enough to supplement them!

【I like it】

Thanks to moisturizing for a long time such as moist moisturizing cream moistly smooth sleeping pack, moisture power ◎!
Even if it is a commercially available moisturizing cream it dried quickly, but in the case of care nano pack, we can keep moisture for a long time ♪
We have already washed and thrown out a commercially available moisturizing cream.

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